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Digital transormation, 5 resolutions for 2018

The beginning of new year is a good time for resolutions that are, generaly, actions that have been postponed for a long time ...

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VOICE COMMERCE, Beginning of a new market

"Alexa, order me a pizza for 8 pm! If this sentence is not yet familiar to you, it will soon be. Voice control is emerging today in the world of e-commerce, to the point of becoming its potential model of the future ...

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World premiere: a school dedicated to blockchain in Russia

Russia is opening the door to education for the future by creating a school entirely dedicated to the study of the blockchain ...

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What we do

Keley consulting help you strengthen your market leadership through digital technology

Stratégie digitale

Digital Strategy

We help our clients completely rethink their marketing mix in order to get the most out of the new opportunities provided by the Internet. When preparing a strategy, we take into account all factors from analysing the competition to studying organisational restrictions and IS.

Mise en oeuvre


We can offer expert resources thanks to our substantial experience with major websites in France and around the world. We rely on specific methodology, inspired by agile methods.


Web Optimisation

We mobilise expert resources in all the key fields of digital performance, both in increasing traffic or online conversion.

Audacity Creativity Rigour

Building an Internet strategy requires serious reflection about a company's core business, its marketing mix and the service it provides. This approach requires daring, creativity and precision. On an operational level, taking the Internet route raises many questions about organisation, change management and also technological choices.

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